Active supernovae

The below table lists all currently active (candidate) supernovae brighter than magnitude 18.
For more information about a certain supernova, click on its designation.

Supernova Discovery Maximum Last observed
designation host type ra dec date discoverer(s) date magn date magn

    magn:       Magnitude (brightness) estimate    
    ra:         Right ascension
    dec:        Declination

Active supernova data as provided by ASRAS (Astronomy Section Rochester Academy of Science).
Calculations by a modified version of AAPlus, a C# implementation of the AA+ project by PJ Naughter from the algorithms presented in the book "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus.
NGC2000 dso catalog and star labels from VizieR as provided by the Strasbourg astronomical Data Center.
Tycho2 catalog from the ESO archive.