The major planets today

The major planets are shown above at their relative angular diameter, which depends on their current distance from earth.

The interactive chart below shows the current positions of the inner and outer planets within the solar system. (Drag to move & scroll to zoom)
The major planets - 2024-06-23

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-1 month
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+1 day
+1 month
+1 year

The following sky charts show where the moon and major planets can be found after sunset, at midnight and before sunrise as seen from a latitude of 52° North. Their motion relative to the stars in the coming days is also indicated.

Planets visible after sunset

Planets visible at midnight

Planets visible before sunrise

Planet positions calculated using a subset of VSOP87 coefficients.
Calculations by a modified version of AAPlus, a C# implementation of the AA+ project by PJ Naughter from the algorithms presented in the book "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus.