NEO Approaches

The below near-earth objects are expected to approach the earth to a distance of less than 25.0 LD (0.064 AU) in the coming 3 months. The colors indicate the distance of a NEO: Orange for less than 0.05 AU, Red for less than 0.01 AU and Black for less than 0.0027 AU. For more information about one of these near-earth objects, click on its designation.

NEO Today Closest Approach
designation Hₒ diameter est. magn delta (AU) delta (LD) date magn delta (AU) delta (LD) delta (km)
2005 LW321.6125 - 285 m18.70.061 AU23.6 LD22 Jun 201718.40.060 AU23.4 LD8,992,670 km
(441987) 2010 NY6521.5135 - 300 m18.20.020 AU7.9 LD24 Jun 201717.80.020 AU7.9 LD3,037,559 km
2017 LC22.775 - 170 m20.00.082 AU31.8 LD30 Jun 201720.70.062 AU24.1 LD9,268,786 km
2017 MC124.435 - 80 m19.00.047 AU18.2 LD30 Jun 201715.50.006 AU2.5 LD970,290 km
2010 AE3023.650 - 115 m34.00.076 AU29.6 LD4 Jul 201718.20.016 AU6.2 LD2,378,708 km
2017 MA21.7120 - 270 m18.50.101 AU39.2 LD6 Jul 201718.10.057 AU22.3 LD8,582,829 km
2000 SZ16227.39 - 21 m24.50.060 AU23.4 LD14 Jul 201722.60.050 AU19.6 LD7,529,492 km
2017 BS623.165 - 145 m21.50.115 AU44.6 LD15 Jul 201718.40.055 AU21.4 LD8,209,599 km
2014 MV4124.140 - 90 m21.70.183 AU71.2 LD15 Jul 201719.90.018 AU7.2 LD2,755,131 km
2017 MB118.6505 - 1135 m18.60.416 AU162.0 LD22 Jul 201715.70.059 AU23.0 LD8,842,375 km
2014 WW20224.435 - 80 m27.00.146 AU56.7 LD25 Jul 201721.00.052 AU20.1 LD7,714,584 km
2014 OA33924.435 - 80 m24.00.351 AU136.7 LD12 Aug 201720.10.036 AU14.2 LD5,440,565 km
2006 DL22.585 - 190 m24.90.964 AU375.1 LD28 Aug 201718.20.035 AU13.8 LD5,292,565 km
(3122) Florence 14.14 - 9 km15.10.565 AU219.9 LD1 Sep 20178.80.047 AU18.4 LD7,086,512 km
2013 XT2127.39 - 21 m29.00.761 AU295.9 LD2 Sep 201723.90.058 AU22.5 LD8,651,928 km
2014 RC26.810 - 25 m27.80.574 AU223.2 LD11 Sep 201723.50.039 AU15.1 LD5,807,756 km
(310560) 2001 QL14217.8730 - 1635 m19.31.312 AU510.4 LD14 Sep 201716.90.058 AU22.7 LD8,736,312 km
2008 CK7024.930 - 60 m26.71.204 AU468.5 LD20 Sep 201722.30.058 AU22.7 LD8,712,710 km

The current NEO position are plotted in the below all-sky chart:

    diameter est.:  Estimated diameter based on Hₒ and an albedo between 0.25 and 0.05. (So sizes may be over-estimated for icy objects)
    delta:          Distance between dwarf planet and earth in AU    
    magn:           Magnitude (brightness) estimate    
    LD:             Lunar distance (~0.0257 AU)
    AU:             Astronomical Unit (mean distance between earth and sun: 149597870.7 km    
    Hₒ:             Absolute magnitude (magnitude from a distance of 1 AU) 

Orbital elements provided by MPC (Minor Planet Center)
UCAC4 star catalog via VizieR as provided by the Strasbourg astronomical Data Center.
Calculations by a modified version of AAPlus, a C# implementation of the AA+ project by PJ Naughter from the algorithms presented in the book "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus.