Orbital elements for software packages

This page provides links to orbital elements of comets for use in various planetarium programs:

Minor Planet Center

Guide (Project Pluto)

Starry Night (Sienna Software)

TheSky (Software Bisque) 1

MegaStar V4.x (E.L.B. Software)

SkyTools (CapellaSoft)

SkyMap (SkyMap Software)

Xephem (E. Downey)

1 TheSky6 (retired version) does not allow loading more than 1000 comets, so a personal selection must be made.
   TheSky6 also does not allow for eccentricities greater than 2, meaning that it does not support the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov.
   TheSkyX will allow up to 1100 comets with eccentricities up to 5 to be imported.

The orbital elements were provided either by the MPC (Minor Planet Center) or by NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory).
Magnitude parameters were based on observations contributed by observers worldwide, via COBS (Comet Observation Database) or the MPC (Minor Planet Center)