(264357) 2000 AZ93
ephemeris date magn radius delta (AU) delta (LD) delta (km) ra dec elong phase
Today9 Dec 201920.40.943 AU0.072 AU27.90 LD10,727,562 km18h24m+25°08'52.0°124.6°
Approach16 Dec 201918.50.970 AU0.057 AU22.30 LD8,574,645 km21h12m+29°10'74.0°102.7°
Brightest22 Dec 201918.10.985 AU0.065 AU25.20 LD9,688,962 km23h15m+23°12'89.7°86.5°

Based on its absolute magnitude (Hₒ) of 21.0 and an albedo between 0.25 and 0.05, the estimated diameter of (264357) 2000 AZ93 is 170 - 375 m.

(264357) 2000 AZ93- 2019-12-09

-1 year
-1 month
-1 day
+1 day
+1 month
+1 year

The interactive orbit chart above shows the near-earth object's path through the solar system and its position at the given date. Green and blue lines are shown perpendicular to the ecliptic plane: Green if the path is above the ecliptic plane, blue if it is below.

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The light curve chart below shows the estimated development of the NEO's magnitude during its approach to earth.

The following all-sky chart shows the path of the NEO in the coming months.